Gitcoin Recovers Twitter (X) Account After Security Breach


Gitcoin Recovers Twitter (X) Account After Security Breach

In a subsequent announcement on X, Gitcoin revealed its ongoing investigation into the incident, emphasizing the need to enhance security measures.

The breach was first detected by community users on September 1, when unauthorized activity on its official Twitter account raised suspicions of a cyberattack. The unknown attacker had exploited the account to disseminate phishing information.

Despite regaining control, Gitcoin remains puzzled about how the attacker managed to bypass two-factor authentication (2FA) verification. The team is committed to intensifying its efforts to identify the breach’s origin and implement stringent security protocols.

Gitcoin is a renowned platform that enables developers to receive compensation for their contributions to open-source software across various programming languages.

Users can also propose project ideas and seek funding from donors through the platform, which employs a unique quadratic funding system to match community donations and support projects most favored by the community.

Moreover, Gitcoin Passport recently introduced the Onchain Stamps feature, built on the Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS). This innovation enables users to integrate their Stamps into the Ethereum ecosystem, with plans to expand to other EVM-compatible chains.

The technology enhances digital identity security and interconnectedness, making strides toward a safer online landscape.

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