PEPE Telegram Channel Hacked, Scammer Promotes Fraudulent Tokens


PEPE Telegram Channel Hacked, Scammer Promotes Fraudulent Tokens

In a recent announcement, the PEPE crypto community reported a concerning security breach involving their old Telegram channel. According to the update, the Telegram channel, previously under their control, has been compromised, with the account “lordkeklol” falling into the hands of an unauthorized individual.

The Pepe meme coin admin took to X to share the development.

❌❌ $PEPE Announcement❌❌

The old telegram for $PEPE is hacked and no longer in our control. The “lordkeklol” account has been compromised. Whoever has gained access to this account is using it to push scams and deceive people and launch other coins. This person is lying and…

— Pepe (@pepecoineth) September 9, 2023

According to the update, this unauthorized entity allegedly used the hacked account to promote fraudulent activities. It included promoting scams and the launch of other cryptocurrencies for the Pepe community.

In response to the situation, PEPE issued a strong statement emphasizing that this individual has no affiliation whatsoever with the PEPE community, whether current or past members.

To address this issue and protect the community, PEPE has called on its members to take action by reporting the compromised PEPE Telegram group as a “fake account.” The Pepe admin believes this collective effort will have the fraudulent channel taken down by Telegram.

Moreover, the Pepe admin mentioned that the community will establish a new account with enhanced security measures. Furthermore, the Pepe admin emphasized that all official communication from the project team will be exclusively through their Twitter account.

Meanwhile, the admin called attention to another fraudulent Twitter handle impersonating the compromised ‘lordkeklol’ account. The Pepe team noted the current Twitter handle @lordkeklol is not associated with PEPE and should be reported as spam or impersonation.

Notably, these notifications from the Pepe team came after former internal members stole 16 trillion PEPE tokens, equivalent to approximately $15 million at the time. The stolen funds where later to multiple centralized exchanges.


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