Trust Wallet Becomes First Web3 Wallet to Receive ISO Certification for Security and Privacy


Trust Wallet Becomes First Web3 Wallet to Receive ISO Certification for Security and Privacy

Trust Wallet, the Binance-backed web3 wallet that counts 70 million users, is celebrating a new milestone after receiving ISO accreditation. The wallet has been awarded ISO 27001 and 27701 certification on account of its robust security and privacy protections. While these numbers may not mean much to the average consumer, ISO is widely recognized as being the benchmark for demonstrating high industry standards.

Trust and Verify

Trust Wallet is now in receipt of the verification that shows its web3 wallet is among the best in its class. It’s extremely rare for a web3 project to receive ISO certification, albeit not unheard of. The International Organization for Standardization operates independently to oversee standards within various industries. It’s recognized as providing the gold standard for certification.

Trust Wallet achieved ISO certification after having its software externally audited by A-LIGN, a tech firm that specializes in cybersecurity and which is authorized to award ISO certificates. After thoroughly scrutinizing all of Trust’s code, it decided to award the coveted certificates.

“This milestone is a testament to our steadfast commitment to top-tier data security and privacy management,” enthused Trust CEO Eowyn Chen. “As the first crypto wallet that owned these certifications, our team’s hard work has placed us at the forefront of cryptographic wallet services, ensuring that our users’ data is protected with the highest international standards while maintaining innovative and smooth user experience.”

Trust Lives Up to Its Name

Most non-custodial wallets are open source, since without this provision users are unable to determine that the code is free of glitches, backdoors and other hazards. The reality, however, is that most individuals lack the time and expertise to parse thousands of lines of code in search of bugs. Enter the auditors, who do this sort of stuff for fun and whose judgment can generally be relied on in such matters.

A-LIGN is a cybersecurity auditor of good repute that’s authorized to award numerous ISO standards to firms that meet the grade. It both vets code and awards certificates where there is a compelling case for doing so. Due to the reputation that comes with ISO certification, however, companies such as A-LIGN are extremely selective about who they award these standards to.

Even prior to receiving the ISO certificates it craved, Trust Wallet has held a high reputation within the crypto industry. Since its inception in 2017, it’s grown its user numbers, market share, and also the number of blockchains it supports. In addition to EVM chains such as Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain, Trust now supports Cosmos, Polkadot, and Bitcoin.

As the number of web3 wallets has proliferated, incumbents such as Trust have upped their game, adding features and integrations to woo new users and retain existing ones. Trust Wallet integrates with exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase, making it easier to fund its wallet, and provides alerts for potentially risky transactions, helping users safeguard their assets.


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