He Stole $600 Million BNB, Liquidated During The Drop In Bitcoin!


He Stole $600 Million BNB, Liquidated During The Drop In Bitcoin!

After the decline in Bitcoin, the echoes of the $1 billion liquidation in cryptocurrencies continue.

While many investors were hurt as it was the biggest liquidation seen after FTX’s bankruptcy, those who used low leverage this time also got their share.

During these purges, a purge also occurred in the wallet of the major BNB hacker.

Hacking the bridge known as the BSC Token Hub last October, the attacker stole $600 million worth of BNB. The attacker used a loan of 30 million USDT by giving some of these BNBs he stole to Venus Protocol as collateral.

Following on-chain data, PeckshildAlert announced that the BNB attacker’s $63 million collateral in Venus Protocol was liquidated.

In a statement on the protocol, Venus stated that with the decrease in Bitcoin, the account of the BNB attacker was successfully liquidated.

“After today’s market action, the BNB bridge attacker’s account has been healthy liquidated without any negative impact on the BNB price as promised to BNB Chain.”

Following today’s market movement, the BNB Bridge exploiter account was made healthy as promised by @BNBCHAIN using whitelisted liquidation without any resulting shortfall or further impact to $bnb https://t.co/TGZ7nbiDPN

— Venus Protocol (@VenusProtocol) August 18, 2023

While the identity of the BNB attacker remains a mystery, it is estimated that the Lazarus group, which is linked to North Korea, carried out the attack.


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