Floki now connected with Chainlink: generate multiple revenues and usage options


Floki now connected with Chainlink: generate multiple revenues and usage options

Chainlink infrastructure is easy to implement and has been field-tested. It has been incorporated into a number of protocols. Every day, an integration with Chainlink Oracle is taking place.

  • The implementation of this tool will provide customers with more comfort than the price acquired in a transaction is correct, as well as a smoother transaction process between buyer and seller.

FLOKI is a project that attempts to disrupt the cryptocurrency business through the use of memes to assure widespread appeal and acceptance.

Using an Oracle network allows Floki to obtain aggregated pricing data off-chain, making it available immediately on-chain to feed their apps. Once off-chain data is accessible, Floki will be able to make it available immediately on-chain and begin breaking into Defi.

Advantages of  Floki Inu and Chainlink being integrated

This integration elevates Floki to a new level of utility and positions us for long-term success. When it comes to utility, the price feeds that Chainlink enables Floki to provide us with limitless options.

“Let’s not dismiss the fact that Floki being merged with an $11 billion crypto powerhouse safeguarding $75 billion+ worth of smart contracts is BIG,” Floki Inu stated, “but also recognize that this isn’t a casual integration.” Chainlink had to conduct extensive due diligence, which further recognizes Floki.

Appropriate for P2E NFT Games: Staking Lending and Borrowing will be available to Floki users as a result of this connection. This integration will aid in the smooth operation of Floki’s P2E NFT game.

To illustrate, instead of selling your Floki tokens, you may use them as collateral in a Defi protocol that we interface with and obtain a loan in USDT, ETH, BTC, or another cryptocurrency.

Depending on the unique configuration of the Defi protocol that Floki integrates into or the requirements of the protocol on which Floki is built, you can bet your Floki tokens or lend them out and earn interest on them.


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