Crucial SHIB Warning Issued to Telegram Users, Here’s How to Stay Secure


Crucial SHIB Warning Issued to Telegram Users, Here's How to Stay Secure

The “Shibarmy Scam Alerts” account (@susbarium) on the social media X network has issued another warning to the global SHIB army, in particular to those users who consume updates and other data about SHIB, Shibarium and its ecosystem on the Telegram app.

@susbarium also provided guidance on how to avoid getting scammed on Telegram.

SHIB warning/reminder for community

@susbarium stated that many fake groups are now impersonating real SHIB-linked channels on Telegram. These fraudulent channels strive to deceive users as they promise exclusive content and various crypto giveaways related to SHIB, BONE, TREAT and other Shibarium-related tokens. Besides, they offer fake opportunities for investment and many other things targeted at unsuspecting SHIB users.

🚨Telegram Users! Beware of Fake Groups! 🚨


It has come to our attention that there are many fake groups impersonating legitimate channels on Telegram. These fraudulent groups may attempt to deceive users by promising exclusive content,…

— Shibarmy Scam Alerts (@susbarium) May 6, 2024

The post published on the X app contains guidance points to how safeguard one’s security, privacy and personal details. First of all, SHIB users need to double-check the authenticity of groups they want to join on Telegram. A good way to do that is to look for official verification badges or announcements about them made by verified and trusted sources on other platforms.

Another important recommendation is to avoid clicking on links that look suspicious from unsolicited messages or in suspicious groups. By clicking those links, one may be transferred to phishing websites or to malware downloads.

How to protect one’s personal details

Another important issue is keeping one’s personal details secure from scammers. In order to do that, one is recommended to stop sharing one’s wallet address in public chat rooms on Telegram or anywhere else.

Staying informed about the recent security alerts and the best ways to ensure online safety is yet another important thing to do for any cryptocurrency holder. “Knowledge is your best defense against cyber threats,” the aforementioned X post says.

Overall, it is important for the whole SHIB community to join forces and work together “to keep the community safe and secure.”

Last week, the same X account issued warnings to the SHIB army, urging them to beware of the fake Telegram accounts impersonating the pseudonymous SHIB lead developer Shytoshi Kusama and his right hand, Kaal Dhairya.

@susbarium warned the SHIB community against falling for those accounts, since they provide misleading information and hardly have any other goal but to get ahold of users’ personal data and their wallet addresses.


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