Uranium Finance hack address moves $3.1m from BNB to Ethereum


Uranium Finance hack address moves $3.1m from BNB to Ethereum

The notorious address tied to the Uranium Finance hack of 2021 has been caught in another financial movement, transferring $3.1 million from BNB Chain to Ethereum (ETH).

The primary adddess linked to the Uranium Finance hack of April 2021 has again moved another batch of funds, bridging $3.1 million in BUSD from BNB Chain to Ethereum and laundering $1.89 million to Tornado Cash.

Leading blockchain security company Peck Shield first called attention to today’s latest movement. Peck Shield’s disclosure came when the exploiter had moved just $10,000 worth of BUSD to the Ethereum network using Stargate, a cross-chain bridging protocol.

#PeckShieldAlert #UraniumFinance Exploiter-labeled address has bridged 10K $BUSD from #BNBChain to #Ethereum via #Stargate
The exploiter’s address on #BNBChain currently holds 13.4m $BUSD and 22.2K $BNB (worth ~$4.7M) pic.twitter.com/HmsxtyguCE

— PeckShieldAlert (@PeckShieldAlert) October 16, 2023

Following the alert from Peck Shield, the exploiter has moved more BUSD tokens to Ethereum. They bridged 500,000 BUSD in six separate transactions and 100,000 BUSD in one transaction, amounting to 3.1 million BUSD.

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The recent transactions, which occurred today over one hour, have raised speculation among crypto proponents. After the transfers, the exploiter’s address on the BNB Chain now holds over $15 million in BUSD and Wrapped BNB (WBNB).

Specifically, the address currently holds $10.29 million worth of BUSD and 22,185 WBNB valued at $4.73 million. Moreover, at the reporting time, their address on the Ethereum network boasts 824 Ether (ETH) worth $1.3 million, $12,980 worth of USDC and $12,487 worth of USDT.

Interestingly, shortly after bridging the 3.1 million BUSD to the Ethereum network, the hacker moved 1,200 ETH (worth $1.89 million) to crypto mixing resource Tornado Cash. These ETH tokens were transferred over 12 transactions of 100 ETH each, between 7:32 AM and 8:09 AM (UTC) today.

Previous movements

The latest flow of funds comes 61 days after the address laundered 1,100 ETH through Tornado Cash in August. Interestingly, the exploiter had also moved 530 ETH to Tornado Cash in July, 670 ETH in June, and 650 ETH in May.

These transactions have followed a similar pattern throughout this year. Notably, the first batch of transfers occurred in March, as the exploiter leveraged a different address to move 2,250 ETH (worth $3.35 million at the time) to Tornado Cash.

The first batch of transactions came nearly two years after Uranium Finance fell victim to the hack. Recall that the exploiter drained $50 million of crypto assets from the protocol in April 2021. The hacker exploited a vulnerability in the Uranium Finance pair contracts.


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