Ledger Unveils PEPE-Inspired Hardware Wallet


Ledger Unveils PEPE-Inspired Hardware Wallet

Leading cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer, Ledger, shared images on X/Twitter depicting one of its classic hardware wallet models, reimagined to incorporate a design inspired by the well-known PEPE memecoin.

Ledger’s new product variation appears to have been inspired by comments made on X/Twitter by @batzdu – a profile with no clear association with the PEPE memecoin itself.

Nonetheless, in response to @batzdu’s comments, Ledger responded with the above post, seemingly in realization of the commenter’s design.

In addition, Ledger has since announced that it would be giving away two IRL copies of the wallet prototype. In particular, two PEPE-inspired copies of its well-known Ledger Nano X model, with details of how to participate in the giveaway detailed on Ledger’s X/twitter page.

Though the memecoin itself has retweeted many of Ledger’s PEPE-related updates, there is yet little to suggest a more tangible partnership between the pair.


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