Dogecoin Community Warned of Major iOS Vulnerability


Dogecoin Community Warned of Major iOS Vulnerability

Dogecoin users on Apple iOS devices are being urged to update their software immediately by prominent members of the community.

The warning comes after Citizen Lab, a cybersecurity research organization, discovered a significant security vulnerability that allows attackers to compromise iOS devices without any user interaction.

The exploit, dubbed BLASTPASS, involves malicious PassKit attachments sent via iMessage and can affect iPhones running the latest iOS version 16.6. Apple has since issued an update to address the issue.

BLASTPASS exploit chain

The BLASTPASS exploit chain was discovered while Citizen Lab was investigating the device of an individual associated with a Washington, D.C.-based civil society organization.

The exploit allows attackers to deliver NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware to the victim’s device without even requiring any clicks or interaction on the part of the user.

Given the severity of the vulnerability, Apple and Citizen Lab are encouraging users to enable lockdown mode, a security feature that is believed to block this particular attack effectively.

Beyond Dogecoin

Of course, the discovery has far-reaching implications not just for Dogecoin users but for the broader iOS community.

Cryptocurrency holders are often targeted for their digital assets, making the rapid patching of such vulnerabilities crucial.

Patrick Lodder, a member of the crypto community, took to social media to emphasize the importance of lockdown mode, stating, “Lockdown mode…the only mode.”


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