Shib Wallet to Feature Forget-Proof Recovery and Email Sign-In


Shib Wallet to Feature Forget-Proof Recovery and Email Sign-In

Shib Wallet is set to launch with an innovative feature set, including a forget-proof recovery system and an email-based sign-in capability, according to a Nov. 7 announcement.

This upcoming wallet service is designed to enhance the user experience by addressing some of the common challenges associated with digital asset management.

Enhanced security and user experience

Ahead of its release, Shib Wallet has been announced to offer a recovery feature that deviates from the traditional reliance on seed phrases.

Users will be able to recover their wallets using multiple-factor authentication, an approach that can provide a safety net for those who may forget their credentials.

The wallet is also said to facilitate gasless transactions, which would allow users to conduct transactions without holding a network’s native token. This feature could potentially streamline the transaction experience.

Simplified onboarding

Shib Wallet’s upcoming integration of Web3Auth aims to simplify the user registration and login process, a move likely to attract users who are new or less technically inclined toward cryptocurrency.

By utilizing just an email and password, the wallet seeks to reduce the hurdles of managing cryptographic keys while maintaining a non-custodial framework. This ensures that users retain full control over their private keys and assets.

As reported by U.Today, SHIB development team has launched the SHIB Name Service (SNS). The service aims to simplify blockchain addresses with user-friendly domain names on the Shibarium layer-2 network.


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