SFC and Hong Kong Police Collaborate


SFC and Hong Kong Police Collaborate

To boost efforts against illegal activities in the realm of Virtual Asset Trading Platforms (VATPs), the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has established a dedicated working group in collaboration with the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF).

A Joint Effort to Bolster Vigilance and Enforcement

The creation of this working group followed a high-level meeting between the two organizations on September 28, 2023. Comprising representatives from the HKPF’s Commercial Crime Bureau, Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau, Financial Intelligence and Investigations Bureau, as well as the SFC’s Enforcement Division and Intermediaries Division, this partnership is poised to enhance vigilance and enforcement in the virtual asset trading sphere.

The objectives of the working group are as follows:

Facilitate Information Sharing: The group aims to streamline the exchange of information related to suspicious activities and breaches associated with VATPs. This collaborative effort will enable swift responses to emerging threats.

Risk Assessment: Implementing a mechanism to assess the risks posed by suspicious VATPs is a key focus. This proactive approach will aid in identifying and mitigating potential issues promptly.

Enhanced Coordination: The working group is dedicated to improving coordination and collaboration in investigations linked to virtual asset trading platforms. By pooling resources and expertise, the partnership seeks to secure the regulatory framework surrounding VATPs.

Safeguarding Investors in the Virtual Asset Trading Sector

Eve Chung, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime), expressed the significance of this new collaboration, stating: “The implementation of the new platform between the Police and the SFC is instrumental to fast-tracking vital intelligence exchange and joint collaboration in responses to the challenges arising from VATPs, so as to better protect the general public of Hong Kong.”

This partnership marks a significant step forward in the fight against illicit activities within the virtual asset trading sector. It underscores the commitment of regulatory and law enforcement authorities in Hong Kong to safeguard investors and maintain the integrity of the financial ecosystem.

Christopher Wilson, the SFC’s Executive Director of Enforcement, emphasized the longstanding cooperation between the SFC and the Police and the prospects of even closer collaboration.

He noted: “We have always valued our working relationship with the Police and we look forward to our even closer collaboration in deploying our respective expertise and resources in combatting problematic VATPs and protecting the interests of investors.”


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