Shiba Inu Community at Risk as SHIB Telegram Admin Account Gets Hacked


Shiba Inu Community at Risk as SHIB Telegram Admin Account Gets Hacked

Shiba Inu Members Warned as SHIB Telegram Admin Account Hacked, Now Promoting Fake BONE Airdrop.

The Shiba Inu community has become one of the latest targets of crypto scams, as the account of a prominent member was hijacked to promote a fake token airdrop.

In particular, recent developments suggest that the Telegram handle of Ragnar Shib, an administrator in the Shiba Inu community, has been compromised. As a result, the compromised Telegram handle announced a fraudulent BONE token airdrop.

Shiba Inu Enthusiasts Warned

However, other prominent members of the Shiba Inu ecosystem took hold of the situation on time and cautioned unsuspecting members. In a recent tweet, Vet Kusama, the brother of the pseudonymous leader of the Shiba Inu development team, Shytoshi Kusama, warned the SHIB Army about the hacked account.

Vet Kusama proclaimed on the X platform that there are no BONE token airdrops. “Ragnar Shiba Telegram account was hacked. Do not click on any links,” he cautioned.

@RagnarShiba TG account was hacked. Do not click on any links. There is no AirDrop!#StaySafe #ShibArmy

— Vet KUSAMA ™ (@vetkusama) October 4, 2023

Similarly, Shiba Inu’s Discord channel admin DaVinci alerted community members about the hack incident. DaVinci cautioned the SHIB Army against interacting with Ragnar Shiba’s Telegram handle amid the comprise.

He noted that the hijacked account is promoting deceitful offers to lure people into losing their Shiba Inu investment. The Discord admin remarked:

“Please avoid any communication or transactions with this account to protect yourself from potential fraud. Stay safe and report any suspicious activity immediately.”

Shiba Inu’s content marketer, Lucie, shared a screenshot of DaVinci’s message with the SHIB enthusiasts on the X platform.


— 𝐋𝐔𝐂𝐈𝐄 | ✨Shibarium✨ (@LucieSHIB) October 4, 2023

Notably, Vet Kusama’s cautionary notice included a screengrab of the scam content emanating from Ragnar Shib’s Telegram account. The bad actor behind the account claimed the airdrop marked the community’s interest and engagement so far in Shiba Inu’s journey.

According to the fraudster, the Shiba Inu team seeks to reward all holders, followers, and builders — practically everyone — with free BONE tokens claimable at a web portal. Vet Kusama blurred the link address before sharing the message on X.

Meanwhile, a concerned community member suggested the Shiba Inu development team needs to build a cybersecurity unit to forestall the reoccurrence of compromised accounts.


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