Scam Alert: Mangofarm on Solana Network Is Product of Serial Scammer


Scam Alert: Mangofarm on Solana Network Is Product of Serial Scammer

The developer behind Mangofarm, a project on the Solana blockchain, appears to be the same individual responsible for the notorious Banana Miner Ponzi scheme. The continuity of deception has raised serious concerns within the cryptocurrency community.

Alarm bells started ringing when users on X reported unusual activity linked to Mangofarm. Allegedly, funds were siphoned from wallets interacting with the platform. This pattern of unauthorized withdrawals bears a striking resemblance to the operations of a classic scam.

The discovery of comments within the codebase of Mangofarm, which is linked to the same developer behind the Banana Miner scheme, initially sparked concerns of coercion. However, a closer inspection suggests that these comments are likely a form of mockery, a scornful taunt aimed at those who fell victim to the scams.

Given the patterns of behavior associated with such schemes, it is highly improbable that these messages reflect a genuine call for help. Instead, they appear to be a tactic by a serial scammer to mock the trust placed in them by users.

It is worth mentioning that while the embedded messages could be interpreted as a novel method of scamming by playing on the sympathies of the public, they nonetheless underline the perils associated with unverified projects in the crypto space.

The Solana community and potential investors are urged to exercise utmost caution. If you have engaged with Mangofarm or any related project, it is imperative to move your assets to a secure wallet immediately.

Unfortunately, the true identity behind the serial scammer’s wallet has not been identified, and as for now, all that is left to do is revoke any approvals, move funds from wallets that are associated with Mangofarm and be cautious in the future.


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