Cryptocurrency Thefts Soar as Malicious Extensions Target Users


Cryptocurrency Thefts Soar as Malicious Extensions Target Users

In recent times, a concerning trend has emerged in the world of cryptocurrency – a surge in thefts targeting valuable digital assets. Cryptocurrency thefts have increased recently, causing concern. These cyberattacks’ use of dangerous browser extensions is troubling because it signals a change from hijacking and offensive ads. These additions allow thieves to target crypto users. It puts the digital assets ecosystem at risk in a dynamic cyber environment. A latest Kaspersky research has shed light on an extension that is being used to manipulate cryptocurrency users.

Dangerous #Browser extensions- they’re not just for stealing your precious #Cryptocurrency, #Hijacking, and displaying intrusive ads anymore!

Nowadays, you can use them to manipulate your search results…

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— Kaspersky (@kaspersky) December 18, 2023

Rilide Extension Hijacks Cryptocurrency Transactions

In April 2023, Rilide, a controversial extension, made headlines. The creators of this application designed it to actively monitor uninformed cryptocurrency users. Rilide steals cryptocurrency wallet login information and passwords from website visitors.

Malevolence continues and Rilide collects and sends the user’s browser history to the attackers’ server. The most worrying aspect of Rilide is its ability to bypass two-factor authentication, which many users utilize for further security.

Rilide acts quickly when a user is prepared to transact cryptocurrency. Injecting the script into the webpage changes the confirmation code input window and steals it. The recipient’s wallet is secretly swapped with the hackers to favour the attackers. The addon uses the stolen authentication code to confirm the agreement and safeguard their illegal gains.

Rilide targets Chromium-based browser users like Chrome, Edge, Brave, and Opera. It cleverly disguises itself as a Google Drive extension to avoid detection. This ingenious method lets it work undetected. Rilide’s illegal availability allows multiple unconnected criminals to obtain this modern weapon, adding to its frightening nature. Malicious websites, emails, and infected blockchain game installers pushed on Twitter X have been found to spread the virus.

Cryptocurrency Security Requires Constant Vigilance

Rilide used a deceptive PowerPoint presentation for distribution. The presentation pretended to be a Zendesk staff security handbook but outlined how to install the malicious extension. This complex deception shows how much these thieves can mislead unsuspecting victims.

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, the security landscape is evolving, requiring users to stay vigilant against these increasingly sophisticated assaults. It emphasizes that digital asset security goes beyond traditional security measures. To protect crypto assets, remain informed on the current hazards and use prudence with browser extensions and online transactions. Due to the rapid developments in the digital world, users must improve their understanding and defensive actions to protect against cyber threats.


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