BNB Chain Issues Critical Alert to Metamask Users of New Layer-2 Platform


BNB Chain Issues Critical Alert to Metamask Users of New Layer-2 Platform

Layer-1 blockchain BNB Chain has issued a critical alert to metamask users of its newly launched Layer-2 platform, opBNB.

The opBNB network went live on Sept. 13 after months of testing, which saw more than 35 million transactions and 150 applications deployed in the phase.

Attention opBNB users!

We’re aware of a bug in Metamask Wallet that may affect your transactions on the opBNB Mainnet.

Here’s what you need to know and how to avoid it. 🧵 [1/5]

— BNB Chain (@BNBCHAIN) September 22, 2023

Optimism-based opBNB, an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible Layer-2 chain OP Stack, seeks to reduce gas costs while democratizing access to blockchain technologies.

In a new tweet, the BNB chain calls the attention of opBNB users to a recent issue that pertains to Metamask wallet. It warns of a bug in the Metamask Wallet that may affect transactions on the opBNB Mainnet and shares further details and what users need to know.

In the thread of tweets, the BNB chain also shared information on how to avoid the issue that pertains to the bug.

According to the BNB chain, the bug randomly occurs on at least 1 out of 20 attempts. The issue prompts a scenario where Metamask Wallet recommends the “max base fee” or “max priority fee” to “0.”

The issue leads to a nonresponse from the opBNB Mainnet since it is not accepted and will result in a failed transaction.

In what might be the likely cause, BNB Chain speculates it might be a glitch in the Metamask Wallet interface or a compatibility issue with the opBNB Mainnet. At the moment, it says it is working with Metamask to resolve this as soon as possible.

Users can, however, take these steps in the meantime ahead of the resolution: first, check their transaction details carefully before signing and confirming. If a “0” in the “max base fee” or “max priority fee” fields appears, they should not proceed with the transaction but instead cancel it and try again until a normal fee recommendation is seen.

In another warning to the community, BNB Chain calls attention to the fact that bad actors in Web3 may use opBNB’s launch to promote misleading social media accounts that often lead to scam websites. It urges users to be on the lookout and always verify information from official sources.


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