Nansen Discloses Data Breach Affected 6.8% Of Its User


Nansen Discloses Data Breach Affected 6.8% Of Its User

Nansen Discloses Data Breach: User Remain Safety

According to Nansen, the breach exposed certain user data, including email addresses, a subset of password hashes, and some group blockchain addresses. However, the company emphasized that it does not store passwords in plaintext, reducing the risk associated with this aspect of the breach.

The incident unfolded when Nansen was alerted by one of its third-party vendors on September 20 that their systems had been compromised. This breach granted unauthorized access to an account used to provide customer access to Nansen’s platform. Immediate action was taken to halt the unauthorized access, and an extensive investigation was launched.

Nansen’s Data Breach Response: Prioritizing Security and Transparency

The affected users have been notified via email about the breach and have been urged to reset their passwords as a security measure. The password reset window was open between 5 pm and 9 pm (UTC time) on September 21, and Nansen sent notifications from the address [email protected]. Additionally, users have the option to manually reset their passwords at

For those impacted, Nansen recommends changing passwords promptly to safeguard their accounts against potential brute force attacks, even though passwords are not stored in plaintext. Nansen also assured users that their wallet funds remain unaffected, as the company never requests private keys.

To prevent falling victim to phishing attempts, Nansen users are advised to exercise caution and verify the sender of any communication purportedly from Nansen.

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