BAYC’s Made By Apes Platform Leaked Information, Error Has Been Fixed


BAYC’s Made By Apes Platform Leaked Information, Error Has Been Fixed

It looks like the personal details of ape owners who signed up for the ‘Made by Apes’ initiative from @SaaSyLabs @yugalabs was being leaked.

— ZachXBT (@zachxbt) August 15, 2023

Yuga Labs responded that it is currently uncertain whether there is a case of data misuse, is contacting anyone who may have exposed information, and will provide identity and fraud protection for anyone who users need.

On July 25, Bored Ape Yacht Club announced that it has partnered with SaaSy Labs to launch Made by Apes, an on-chain licensing platform.

Made by Apes is a proprietary platform tailored for BAYC and MAYC holders. The platform allows you to claim the “Made by Apes” logo for your ape’s projects. Each license has a unique number recorded on the blockchain, thanks to our partner, SaaSy Labs. This blockchain verification is an important feature that allows your apes to establish a history of commercial use and assure others of the authenticity of your creation.

The platform can also be used to verify and differentiate authentic products for BAYC and MAYC holders. It has partnered with Ape Beverage, Applied Primate, Artin Motion, Bored Media Group, and more. And will launch more community products in the future.

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