stETH Whale Attacked by Hackers, Substantial stETH Amount Lost


stETH Whale Attacked by Hackers, Substantial stETH Amount Lost

According to data published by PeckShieldAlert, anonymous cryptocurrency wallet 0xB2CB…0Ff7 has been hit by a hacker who used a phishing scheme to steal 102.37 stETH from this crypto holder. This is the equivalent of approximately $236,000 in fiat.

This was reported on X/Twitter slightly more than an hour ago. This crypto loss is just a drop in the ocean, though, compared to the overall amount of cryptocurrencies stolen in this way since 2021.

#PeckShieldAlert #Phishing Address 0xB2CB…0Ff7 has fallen victim to a phishing scheme, resulting in a loss of 102.37 $stETH (worth ~$236K)

— PeckShieldAlert (@PeckShieldAlert) February 5, 2024

Millions of USD in Chainlink lost to hackers

Phishing attacks are a popular tool leveraged by cyber criminals for stealing cryptocurrencies from users. Roughly in late December, a Chainlink whale lost a whopping $4.42 million worth of LINK, which he had acquired between June 2022 and October 2023 – 275,700 LINK tokens.

According to the @lookonchain tweet, the unfortunate crypto whale accidentally clicked on a phishing link and was tricked into approving a transaction to lose all of their crypto. From the above-mentioned $4.42 million worth of LINK that they lost, half was the actual amount of LINK ($2.26 million), and the other half ($2.4 million) was the unrealized profit he had made on that crypto.

$1 billion USD in crypto stolen in phishing attacks

A report published by Chainalysis stated that since 2021, phishing scams have managed to steal at least a staggering $1 billion worth of crypto from the cryptocurrency space. According to the report, in 2022 alone, users lost more than half a billion U.S. dollars worth of crypto in phishing attacks.

In late fall of 2023, the amount of cryptocurrencies stolen in this way stood at $374.6 million, as a large number of holders was tricked into approving crypto transactions without realizing it.

Ethereum heading for $4,000?

Popular crypto YouTuber Lark Davis recently commented on the recent prediction made by the Standard Chartered banking behemoth as it expects the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Ethereum, to surge back to the $4,000 level by May 23.

This is the date when the cryptocurrency community expects the SEC regulator to issue a positive decision on spot Ethereum ETFs filed for by BlackRock and Grayscale. Davis stressed that after this approval, DOGE and SOL ETFs may emerge, potentially by the end of 2024.


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