Xumm Issues Critical Warning to XRP Users on Latest Samsung Update


Xumm Issues Critical Warning to XRP Users on Latest Samsung Update

Xumm, a leading self-custodial wallet for the XRP Ledger (XRPL), has issued a critical warning for Samsung users, specifically those using Samsung Galaxy S21 devices.

Xumm issued the announcement through its official Xumm support on X. The warning pertains to the latest Samsung operating system update the South Korean multinational firm rolled out for its devices on Oct. 12.

We are getting reports from Samsung + @XummWallet users, specifically: Samsung Galaxy S21 users.

The Samsung operating system update pushed on Oct. 12 by Samsung damages the @XummWallet secure data store.

This results in Xumm not opening again. Check if you have your secret… pic.twitter.com/wdMbf6rfyw

— XUMM Support (@XummSupport) October 23, 2023

According to Xumm support, this system update poses a significant risk to users of the Xumm wallet. This risk particularly pertains to the security of their data.

The issue at hand is the potential damage to the secure data store of the Xumm wallet, rendering the application inoperable. Xumm has advised users who have already installed the update and are facing this issue to take immediate action.

For those who have not installed the software update, the Xumm support team recommends that they verify the presence of their secret key before proceeding with the Samsung system update.

In cases where the key is intact, the recommended action is to uninstall Xumm, reinstall it, and then import their account using the secret key after completing the Samsung software update. This step is crucial in ensuring the security and functionality of the Xumm wallet.

Those who own a Xumm Tangem card can import the card again to ensure the integrity of their account information. Similarly, individuals who have noted down their secret numbers should import them once more after the Samsung update is applied.

However, for users who are uncertain about the status of their accounts or secret keys, Xumm suggests rekeying their accounts BEFORE downloading and installing the Samsung software update.

The Need for Vigilance

In the event that assistance is needed, Xumm encourages users to reach out through the Xumm Support xApp on the application. The support team warned users against relying on social media support for assistance. This is due to the growing number of fake support accounts on X.

Xumm clarified that the warning does not relate to any security breach on users’ wallets. Rather, it has to do with an issue from the latest Samsung software update. This warning from Xumm highlights the importance of vigilance, even when using self-custodial wallets. No user has reported any fund losses.

While this does not necessarily involve a security issue, it echoes the need for vigilance. Several XRP investors have recounted cases of having their self-custody wallets compromised. This month, an XRP community member took to X to complain about losing thousands of XRP on her Ledger wallet.

In addition, two months back, another XRP investor also complained on YouTube about losing thousands of XRP tokens on her Ledger. However, industry commenters have ascribed these losses to recklessness on the part of the users themselves. For instance, this investor bought her Ledger wallet from a third party retailer.


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