Shiba Inu Team Urges SHIB Army to Secure Accounts Amid Recent Hack


Shiba Inu Team Urges SHIB Army to Secure Accounts Amid Recent Hack

Shiba Inu’s community admin, Ragnar Shib, has regained control of his Telegram account following a recent hack where his handle was used to promote scam giveaway offers.

Recall that The Crypto Basic reported two days ago that the Shiba Inu community members had become targets for a grand crypto scam following the Telegram admin account hijack.

Shiba Inu Community Safe Again

Ragnar took to the X platform to inform the Shiba Inu community that his previously hacked Telegram handle is now under his control. “My account in Telegram is secure again,” Ragnar proclaimed in a tweet on Thursday.

My account in Telegram is secure again. I moved all to a brand new phone. I changed password for new and more secure ones. My Twitter account too and all has 2FA. Please be safe every one!!! Change passwords periodically.

— RagnarShib.eth (@RagnarShiba) October 5, 2023

Notably, the Telegram admin provided more details to assure the SHIB Army about the security of his account. Specifically, Ragnar disclosed that he moved his Telegram account to a new device to eliminate any lurking threat of the previous exploit on his former phone.

Furthermore, Ragnar mentioned that he has also bolstered his security practices by altering his password. “I changed the password for new and more secure ones,” the Telegram admin stated.

Aside from changing his security keys, Ragnar stated he has enabled a two-factor authentication on the handle. Moreover, Ragnar claims to extend his new security measures to his other accounts, including on the X platform.

Also, he encouraged Shiba Inu enthusiasts to stay safe and uphold robust security measures to protect their accounts across social media platforms. The SHIB Telegram admin urged the community to change their access codes and passwords periodically.

How the Hack Happened

Meanwhile, a concerned community member asked Ragnar how his account became compromised so others could learn and take proactive steps. Ragnar replied with a link to a medium post titled “How hackers are getting access to 1000s of Telegram accounts.”

In the post, the researcher Giuliano Giacaglia explained how scammers hijack people’s accounts via multiple tactics. The processes include SIM swapping, four-digit pin brute force, SMS flooding attacks, and voicemail.

It is worth mentioning that the post is four years old. The writer noted that Telegram has fixed some of the highlighted vulnerabilities. Yet, the recent incident is a reminder that account hijacking is still much in force.


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