XRP Glitch on Ledger Live Fixed


XRP Glitch on Ledger Live Fixed

Users of Ledger Live experienced a temporary glitch affecting transactions with XRP, a popular cryptocurrency.

Ledger Support announced the issue via Twitter, noting a problem with their backend services for XRP. This issue prevented users from adding an XRP account or sending XRP through Ledger Live.

However, they assured customers that the glitch did not impact the safety of their funds and suggested an interim solution involving the XRP Toolkit.

Understanding the glitch

Ledger Live users encountered an unexpected issue that temporarily halted their ability to interact with their XRP holdings.

Ledger Support’s prompt announcement on X addressed the problem, attributing it to a backend service glitch. While this disruption caused inconvenience, Ledger was quick to emphasize that user funds remained secure and unaffected.

As a temporary workaround, they advised using the XRP Toolkit, a separate platform, for managing XRP transactions. This issue underscores the challenges faced by digital wallet services in ensuring seamless access to cryptocurrencies.

Resolving the issue

The glitch was resolved swiftly thanks to a collaborative effort between Ledger and XRPL Labs, according to WietseWind of XRPL Labs.

A configuration change on xrplcluster.com, which provides public XRP Ledger nodes, was key to resolving the issue.

Ledger Support confirmed the resolution on Twitter, signaling a return to normal operations for Ledger Live users.


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