Crypto Influencer BitBoy Crypto Arrested While Livestreaming on YouTube


Crypto Influencer BitBoy Crypto Arrested While Livestreaming on YouTube

Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, formerly known as BitBoy Crypto, was arrested by the police while live-streaming on YouTube.

Earlier today, the crypto influencer had posted on X that he will be going live on YouTube from a very special location.

Armstrong intended to confront an individual named Carlos Diaz in a quest to retrieve his Lamborghini, but the situation quickly spiralled into something else as he was taken into police custody.

Law enforcement authorities have also discovered illegal narcotics in BitBoy’s vehicle.

BitBoy Ousted From His Own Company

This recent incident follows the August decision when the BitBoy Crypto platform announced to sever its ties with its eponymous founder.

The parent company, Hit Network, cited concerns about substance abuse issues and the financial repercussions faced by its workforce as the primary reasons for the disassociation.

Ben Armstrong is currently suing HitNetwork for orchestrating a coup to steal his company.

Carlos Diaz, the individual BiBoy went to confront in the livestream, reportedly has ties to Hit Network, the company managing the BitBoy Crypto platform.

BitBoy Claims Hit Network Threatened to Kill Him

As reported earlier, Ben Armstrong has accused Hit Network executives of making death threats against him and his wife.

During the livestream, Armstrong vehemently asserted that his actions were driven by genuine fear for his life, vehemently stating, “This is someone who’s been in fear for his life for too long… I will really enjoy the cops coming here.” He continued to broadcast even as the police questioned him, disclosing that he did not have a weapon on his person but admitted to having one in his truck.


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