Velodrome, Aerodrome hit by attack on front-end websites


Velodrome, Aerodrome hit by attack on front-end websites

Decentralized exchanges Velodrome and Aerodrome warned users that their websites have been compromised.

The incident appears to be a domain name system (DNS) attack aiming to take control of the official website links, In such incidents, hackers gain control of a site and redirect users to a phishing site associated with a malicious contract, in the hope of stealing users’ funds.

Both Velodrome and Aerodrome today warned against interacting with their websites until further notice, in posts issued on X.

“Our frontend is currently compromised. Please do not interact with Velodrome for the time being. The team are investigating and will communicate more here when we have it,” the team noted. The same notice was issued via Aerodrome’s official account on X.

The domain name system is a widely used protocol on which websites rely. However, attackers can potentially exploit DNS issues to carry out exploits, as demonstrated in this incident.

Impact on user assets

While there has been no official statement about the impact of the incident on user assets, on-chain analyst ZachXBT detected over $40,000 in funds being transferred to two specific addresses, likely taken during the attack.

Velodrome is the second largest decentralized exchange protocol on OP Mainnet (previously Optimism) in terms of total value locked and revenue. It has over $139 million in total locked value from users. Meanwhile Aerodrome is the largest protocol on Base by TVL. It holds over $63 million in funds.


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