MicroStrategy battles a daily surge of Bitcoin scam videos


MicroStrategy battles a daily surge of Bitcoin scam videos

In a recent revelation, Michael Saylor, the Chairman of MicroStrategy Incorporated, has issued a critical warning to the Bitcoin (BTC) community concerning the increasing prevalence of scams within the industry. MicroStrategy, a prominent business intelligence and software firm, has found itself frequently exploited by scammers who misuse its reputation as a gateway to deceive people. Saylor disclosed that his team is tirelessly combating this issue by taking down approximately 80 fake YouTube videos per day that promote various forms of fraud.

Scammers exploiting MicroStrategy’s name

The warning from Michael Saylor comes at a time when scammers are increasingly using the name MicroStrategy to perpetrate fraudulent activities. One common scam involves scammers requesting users to scan a barcode with the promise of receiving free Bitcoin. In response, Saylor firmly stated that MicroStrategy does not engage in such giveaways, cautioning community members to exercise caution.

These scams often operate under the guise of rewarding users for their engagement or loyalty. In some instances, victims are asked to send money to a specific wallet with the promise of doubling their funds within a short time frame, a proposition that has duped many individuals in the industry.

Michael Saylor emphasized that no risk-free method exists for anyone to double their Bitcoin, refuting widespread speculation. MicroStrategy, as the largest non-crypto-focused firm in terms of Bitcoin holdings, has become a prime target for scammers due to its prominent role in the community.

MicroStrategy’s impressive Bitcoin holdings

MicroStrategy’s position within cryptocurrency has been solidified through years of intensive accumulation. The company currently holds a staggering 189,150 BTC, with their most recent purchase of 14,620 BTC costing approximately $615.7 million in late December 2023. This significant Bitcoin holding reinforces MicroStrategy’s influence and attracts legitimate investors and scammers.

The launch of Spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) recently marked a significant milestone in the cryptocurrency market. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ended a decade-long stalemate, allowing asset managers to introduce this product. While this development has garnered immense interest, it has also raised concerns about the potential for new scam waves.

With the introduction of Spot Bitcoin ETFs, the hype surrounding them, and the growing interest of non-crypto-native investors, scammers may exploit this situation to deceive unsuspecting individuals.

It’s important to note that scams are not limited to Bitcoin alone. XRP and the Ripple ecosystem have been targets of scams for some time now. The cryptocurrency community is frustrated with platforms like YouTube for not taking decisive action against these fraudulent schemes.


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