Uniswap rolls out crypto wallet for Android users


Uniswap rolls out crypto wallet for Android users

The Uniswap wallet will now be available to all Android users shortly following its beta launch in October.

Users can swap tokens between multiple chains, including Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base and BNB Chain — with more networks to be integrated in the future.

Swaps will be protected by an MEV blocker that offers “swap protection,” which will place transactions into a private transaction pool, thus preventing frontrunning and sandwich attacks.

Uniswap is the largest decentralized exchange by trade volume currently processing more than $1.5 billion in daily volume. The protocol has a total value locked of $3.6 billion and the market cap of its native token, UNI, is $3.9 billion, according to information from DeFiLlama.

In an interview with Blockworks, Callil Capuozzo, the vice president of design at Uniswap Labs, said that the new wallet will launch with functionality for six different languages and 18 different currencies.

“The main thing is trying to tie into this goal that we had of reaching more users and a more global audience,” he said.

The Uniswap Labs team had been working on ways to rely less on inaccurate machine translations to provide a better user experience for its customers worldwide. Small tweaks around the swap flow have also been made, Capuozzo added.

Prior to its official release, the Uniswap wallet had been tested by interested users in batches. Participants were able to sign up and test the wallet and provide feedback where necessary.

This was to ensure error and crash rates on the app stayed stable, Capuzzo said.

“With Android devices, there’s many different sizes and configurations, meaning there’s a lot more edge cases that can happen, so the beta was really good for getting user feedback and building a better product,” he said.

Uniswap wallet first launched on the Apple Store in April this year. Although it is unclear how many downloads the app has, it currently has over 600 ratings in the Apple Store.

“We have a lot of users on Twitter asking, ‘wen Android,’ so we’re expecting a good amount of users for the Android device,” Capuzzo said.


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