Stars Arena Exploiter: ‘I want to Cooperate’


Stars Arena Exploiter: ‘I want to Cooperate’

An on-chain message signed by the smart contract address that attacked the Avalanche-based social app Stars Arena suggests the entity behind the exploit wants to cooperate.

Last week, the up-and-coming social platform Stars Arena was hacked, resulting in a loss of $3 million in AVAX tokens, despite prior warnings from users about potential security vulnerabilities.

Before the hack, Stars Arena was a darling of the Avalanche protocol, pushing up the AVAX token. Market data shows that the token is down 3% in the last week.

Signing transactions is a way pseudonymous hackers make their mark after an attack.

In March, the individual responsible for Euler Finance’s $200 million exploit returned over $120 million to the protocol and issued an apology via signed messages on different blockchain transactions, identifying as “Jacob.”

In 2020, Bitcoin addresses that Craig Wright claims to own were used to sign a public message labeling him a “fraud” and refuting his ownership of them.


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