SIM-swap reportedly outs crypto influencer as scammer


SIM-swap reportedly outs crypto influencer as scammer

A prominent crypto influencer with over 240,000 followers has apparently been outed as a scammer after a hacker allegedly exposed a series of his X (formerly Twitter) DMs.

As documented by crypto sleuth ZachXBT, last week the X account belonging to Profit Blue (@profit8lue) was hacked in a so-called ‘SIM-swap’ attack.

SIM-swapping involves a scammer tricking a victim’s carrier into sending their texts and calls to them instead, along with their account information and passwords.

In this case, the attacker was able to take control of Profit Blue’s X account and release a number of DMs that show the influencer allegedly scamming one of their followers out of $11,000 after failing to publish a promotional tweet. They were then apparently liquidated and tried to ask for more funds.

However, this was when the victim demanded answers. “Man we have a deal and you’re not keeping any of the promises that you told me,” they said back in March.

“Are you still planning for the first tweet. It was called Twitter back then,” they asked in the one-sided exchange.

The influencer @profit8lue was SIM swapped and a scammer gained access to his X/Twitter account a few days ago.

The scammer leaked his DMs showing ProfitBlue has been scamming his followers.

In these screenshots ProfitBlue received an up front payment of $11K for a partnership…

— ZachXBT (@zachxbt) November 13, 2023

The leaked screenshots shared with ZachXBT.

Profit Blue eventually replied saying, “Sorry for the late reply. Could we do another payment and I’ll show up and do everything.”

The buyer responded, “Are you being for real now, another payment for what and why??! You didn’t deliver and we pay another payment, I never saw anything like this in my life you see us that (sic) stupid?????”

I guess so

— ZachXBT (@zachxbt) November 13, 2023

Another user claiming to have been scammed also told ZachXBT that he failed to post a shoutout despite being paid 2 ETH (currently worth over $4,000).


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