Shiba Inu: Crucial Warning Unleashed by SHIB Team — Beware


Shiba Inu: Crucial Warning Unleashed by SHIB Team — Beware

After sending New Year greetings to the global Shiba Inu army, the official account of the second largest meme cryptocurrency by market capitalization on X issued a warning to the community, urging it to be very careful with links they click on.

Here’s what Shiba Inu’s warning is about

In a tweet published today, the Shiba Inu account summed up the results of 2023, stating that “2023 was about reaching new frontiers.” However, in 2024, the tweet stated, the team intends to “catapult SHIB to the stars.” They hinted that SHIB is going to be the “space dog” on this flight.

After that followed a major warning. The tweet stated that the SHIB community should beware of scam links in the comments under the thread — they look like those shared by the official team for various events.

The SHIB account warned users that they should only click on safe links and urged everyone to double check any suspicious-looking ones with the official SHIB website and their official brand channels for verification.

This tweet concludes the thread.
Beware of scams links below that seems like ours. Only click on links if you’re certain they’re safe.
Double-check with and our official brand channels for verification.

— Shib (@Shibtoken) January 1, 2024

Shibarium adds 12 million transfers

Data shared by the Shibariumscan platform shows that over the weekend, the Layer 2 solution built by the Shiba Inu team for its network has gloriously smashed a new milestone as the blockchain entered the just arrived 2024 year.

By present moment, Shibarium has added more than 10 million transfers, and the total transaction count stands at 325,936,085. The total number of daily transfers has gone down, dropping from 7.51 million on Dec. 29 to the current level of 5.78 million transactions. On Friday by Saturday morning Shibarium added more than 7 million transfers.

The number of blockchain addresses connected to Shibarium is growing at a much slower pace, adding roughly 100 wallets per day in the best case scenario. At the time of this writing, this metric shows 1,322,786 in total.

As reported earlier, Shiba Inu Discord admin DaVinci published a New Year post in the “Shibarium Tech” Telegram channel, addressing the Shiba Inu community.

Thanking the SHIB army for their active support throughout 2023, he teased major developments and “game-changing stuff” coming in 2024. One of these things is expected to be a major update on Shibarium that will allow burning SHIB in an automated mode.


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