Orbit Chain’s bridge reportedly hacked for $81.5 million


Orbit Chain's bridge reportedly hacked for $81.5 million

Orbit Bridge, a cross-chain bridge protocol, has seen unusual outflows of $81.5 million in several cryptocurrencies in what appears to be a major hack.

In five separate transactions, each to a fresh wallet, the Orbit Bridge sent $50 million in stablecoins (30 million Tether, 10 million DAI, and 10 million USDC), 231 wBTC (about $10 million), and 9,500 eth (about $21.5 million). The hack was first noticed by X user Kgjr.

The bridge appears to have close ties to the Klaytn KLAY -2.84%ecosystem; Klaytn’s explorer shows that 9 of the top 10 tokens on the network by circulating market cap are Orbit Bridge wrapped assets.


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