SHIB Team Spreads Great News Regarding Recent Hack


SHIB Team Spreads Great News Regarding Recent Hack

Earlier this week, word was spread by Shiba Inu Discord admin DaVinci about SHIB Telegram admin Ragnar getting his personal account compromised, as he lost access to it. The hacked account then began telling the SHIB army about a fake BONE airdrop.

The SHIB team warned users not to contact this account and not to click any links if they do not want to lose their bags of SHIB.

DaVinci’s Discord message was shared by SHIB marketing expert Lucie and by VetKusama. Both warned the SHIB army to be careful and stay away from Ragnar’s hacked account.

Today, Ragnar himself announced on the X app that his Telegram account is secure once again. He has acquired a new smartphone, changing the password for a more secure one. He also reassured his followers that his X account is secure as well, thanks to two-factor authentication. He finished his message on X by recommending that everyone should change their passwords from time to time.

My account in Telegram is secure again. I moved all to a brand new phone. I changed password for new and more secure ones. My Twitter account too and all has 2FA. Please be safe every one!!! Change passwords periodically.


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