Scam Service Provider Inferno Drainer Defrauds More Than 86,000 Users For $41 Million


Scam Service Provider Inferno Drainer Defrauds More Than 86,000 Users For $41 Million

According to Scam Sniffer’s data on September 15, Inferno Drainer has been responsible for the theft of more than $41 million, affecting a staggering 86,685 victims. Specializing in multi-chain fraud, the group typically charges a substantial 20% to 30% commission on the stolen assets.

By meticulously scrutinizing both off-chain and on-chain data across various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Arbitrum, and BNB Chain, Scam Sniffer unveiled a shocking total loss of cryptocurrencies and NFTs incurred by these victims.

The surge in fraudulent activities became conspicuous after May 14, 2023, with a significant uptick in the creation of malicious websites attributed to Inferno Drainer. These deceitful platforms, targeting 229 prominent brands such as Pepe, Bob, MetaMask, OpenSea, Collab.Land, and LayerZero Labs, among others, promote a range of fraudulent schemes, including multichain scams, Aave token and Art Blocks draining, MetaMask token approval exploits, and more.

What brought the scale of these scams to light was the unexpected appearance of a suspected Inferno Drainer member, known as “Mr. Inferno,” in a Scam Sniffer Telegram group. This revelation led to the discovery of a website actively advertising the scammer’s illicit services.

As the cryptocurrency and NFT space continues to evolve, the vigilance of platforms like Scam Sniffer is crucial in safeguarding users against such malicious actors, underscoring the ongoing need for enhanced security measures and user education within the digital asset ecosystem.

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