Stolen Cryptocurrency Funds Mobilized After Year of Inactivity


Stolen Cryptocurrency Funds Mobilized After Year of Inactivity

In a recent development reported by PeckShield, a cybersecurity firm, stolen cryptocurrency funds from Hundred Finance have been activated after nearly a year of dormancy. The perpetrator managed to transfer substantial amounts of various cryptocurrencies including Ethereum (ETH) and stablecoins across different platforms.

#PeckShieldAlert Stolen funds from #HundredFinance are on the move after lying dormant for almost a year. The exploiter removed 784K $3Crv from #Curve & swapped them for ~273 $ETH. Additionally, they swapped 305.6 $WOO, 39 $PAXG, 200K $FRAX, & 100K $DAI for a total of 162.2 $ETH…

— PeckShieldAlert (@PeckShieldAlert) May 6, 2024

Details of the Transactions

The exploiter initially withdrew 784,000 units of 3Crv, a liquidity pool token from Curve Finance, and converted these into approximately 273 ETH. In addition, they exchanged various cryptocurrencies such as 305.6 WOO, 39 PAXG, 200,000 FRAX, and 100,000 DAI, culminating in the acquisition of another 162.2 ETH.

Following these transactions, the exploiter engaged in a series of complex moves between the Optimism and Ethereum blockchains, bridging assets totaling significant values. They transferred 1,034 ETH (valued around $2.17 million), 842.800 DAI, 1.11 million USDT, 1.27 million USDC, and approximately 457.300 FRAX.

Once on the Ethereum network, the exploiter continued their activity by swapping 480,000 USDC for 142.6 Wrapped Ethereum (WETH), 306 WOO, and 39 PAXG. They also exchanged 1.11 million USDT for 500.300 DAI and 613.800 FRAX. Additionally, on April 15, 2023, around $786,000 in USDC was deposited into the Curve 3Pool, indicating a strategy to further launder the funds.


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