Scam Alert: Crypto Hackers Exploit Fake NFT Game To Drain Funds


Scam Alert: Crypto Hackers Exploit Fake NFT Game To Drain Funds

In a chilling encounter with crypto scammers, a victim recently shared a gripping account of a narrowly escaped financial disaster. The victim took to X (formerly Twitter) and highlighted the threats of the “most sophisticated” crypto scam. He revealed an elaborate scheme centered around a fake Web3 NFT game named MythIsland.

How Did Crypto Scammers Set The Trap?

The saga commenced on X when the victim was contacted by the handle, @ameliachicel. Amelia tried luring the targeted individual with a job opportunity linked to a Solidity position for the purported Web3 game. The game, MythIsland, consisted of NFTs and in-game economies, leaving no room for doubts.

The scammers demonstrated unparalleled sophistication in their approach. The crypto scam executors presented a meticulously crafted website for MythIsland. Furthermore, the victim, initially wary but gradually convinced, noted the site’s impressive graphics, and functional links.

In addition, a seemingly transparent and “doxxed” team behind the Web3 game added a layer of credibility to their ploy. Thereafter, the transition from X to Telegram marked a pivotal shift in the unfolding drama of the sophisticated cryptocurrency scam.

On Telegram, detailed conversations about the game, job particulars, and introductions to alleged team members emerged. The targeted party started considering it a legitimate opportunity and was then prompted to download the game launcher from the apparent authentic website.

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Victim’s Escape From The Crypto Scam

However, displaying commendable foresight, the victim opted to set up the Microsoft Defender Antivirus before downloading the suspicious .exe file. When the concerned individual clicked on ‘register’, a progress bar popped up. Thereafter, an error box was displayed, which read, “Error: Please update .NET Framework.”

After the victim repeated this issue to the supposedly legitimate team, they suggested trying the launcher on another Windows machine. The victim grew skeptical by then and his doubts were met with an unexpected twist. The fraudsters swiftly erased all traces of communication and blocked the individual across all platforms.

It then became evident that the ‘team’ behind this crypto scam had strategically cut ties upon realizing they wouldn’t profit from it. Hence, the victim didn’t lose any funds to this wallet drainer scam.

However, the experience left the victim’s old laptop compromised. He decided to wipe it clean before future use. Whilst, he advised others to stay cautious as a “lot of people would get their wallets drained with this scam technique.”

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