Dogecoin Lead Dev Shares Important Security Message for DOGE Holders


Dogecoin Lead Dev Shares Important Security Message for DOGE Holders

Prominent Dogecoin community leader and developer, known by the moniker Mishaboar, has recently issued a crucial security advisory aimed at all Dogecoin holders. In an X post, the developer sounded the alarm about a circulating email encouraging users to withdraw their funds from the “Dogechain dot info” site.

The key takeaway from the post is that this email is indeed legitimate.

However, it is advised to type “dogechain dot info” directly into web browsers instead of clicking on links in the email. This is a critical step to protect against phishing attempts. Mishaboar underscores the importance of verifying the information independently and highlights that the “.com” domain of Dogechain has been linked to scam and phishing activities.

– The correct domain is dogechain dot INFO (Do Not Trust, Verify: verify this information on your own before trusting my words). The .com domain has been involved in scam/phishing attempts.


— Mishaboar (@mishaboar) November 5, 2023

Many users have faced issues with their wallets due to lost 2FA authentication. If this is the case, users can seek support from the website’s developers, who may ask for a legal document to disable 2FA authentication, provided other login information is available, says a DOGE enthusiast.

Security first

A general security recommendation from Mishaboar is to never store crypto in an online wallet, whether encrypted or not. Online wallets are susceptible to hacking, potential developer misconduct and website compromises. The developer strongly advocates self-custodial wallets and emphasizes the need to back up keys multiple times and store seed phrases offline.

He advises keeping only small amounts in hot wallets, such as smartphone wallets, while encouraging newcomers to exercise caution when dealing with smart contracts, including NFTs.

Lastly, the Dogecoin lead developer reminds users to withdraw their funds from exchanges, underlining the importance of maintaining control and security over their crypto assets.


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