Liberty Gaming Guild Partners with Persib Bandung—Indonesia’s Footballing Powerhouse


Liberty Gaming Guild Partners with Persib Bandung—Indonesia’s Footballing Powerhouse

Liberty Gaming Guild (LGG), a next-generation project building a gateway to liberty, financial freedom, and play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse success, and Persib Bandung, a top contender to be a winner in this season’s Indonesia football top-flight league, have announced a partnership.

Liberty Gaming Guild Join forces with Persib Bandung, Solid Plans for Southeast Asia (SEA)

The partnership has been described in their announcement as “ground-breaking”. It marks the first time a blockchain gaming-focused platform has struck a deal with a real-world football club with millions of fans across Indonesia and Southeast Asia (SEA).

Notably, the partnership is strategic for LGG. It is considering their objective of easing access to high-profile P2E and NFT games like Axie Infinity–that are popular in SEA–and promoting financial freedom enabled by superior blockchain solutions anchored in the power of distribution and the community.

Persib Bandung will carry LGG’s Brand Message

Persib Bandung currently sits at third position in Indonesia’s top football league. They twice won the league in the 1994/95 and 2014 seasons.

Given their recent winning streak and tireless support from their fans, Persib Bandung has a chance. If they replicate their past successes and win, LGG will reap more benefits. This is because central to the partnership is for Indonesia’s footballing giant to promote LGG’s success in lowering the barrier to entry for gamers keen on tapping the benefits of P2E blockchain games.

While LGG’s brand will have more reach in SEA—a region where P2E gaming is popular, Persib Bandung fans will also learn more about how they can take charge of their finances via blockchain solutions.

Liberty Gaming Guild is a Top Gaming Platform

The football club is keen on keeping tabs on technological development. A big part of this will be striking strategic partnerships with segment leaders of which LGG stands out.

According to Gabriella Witdarmono, the Vice President of Partnership and Activation at Persib, LGG is one of the top gaming platforms where fans will access supported games.

In her words, she said:

“We are delighted to partner with Liberty Gaming Guild (LGG), which is one of the top gaming platforms right now. Through this strategic partnership, we want our fans to have a fun, positive experience with LGG’s various gaming products. As one of the clubs with the largest fan base, Persib is committed to continuing to stay up to date with any developments, one of which is the development of the gaming industry that is very popular among our fans, known as Bobotoh.”

Appointment of a New Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Recently, LGG announced the star appointment of Maurizio Barbieri as their Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Before joining, Maurizio worked for some of the world’s largest media and tech companies. His wealth of invaluable experience, according to LGG, will be used in growth, development, and relationship building.

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