Safe Unveils Safe{Core}: A Quantum Leap Towards Interoperable Smart Accounts


Safe Unveils Safe{Core}: A Quantum Leap Towards Interoperable Smart Accounts

This protocol ushers in a secure, modular, and interoperable approach to facilitate the transition to smart accounts.

At the core of the Safe{Core} protocol lies its innovative design, featuring an open-source modular standard enhanced by an additional abstraction layer known as the “manager.”

This managerial layer adeptly handles the intricacies and interdependencies inherent in the system.

To address the complexities associated with the transition to smart accounts holistically, it has released a comprehensive whitepaper outlining the initial blueprint of the Safe{Core} protocol.

The whitepaper offers a unified standard, aiming to resolve challenges like fragmentation, vendor lock-in, and security concerns.

One of the central issues tackled by the protocol is fragmentation. By standardizing modules such as Plugins, Hooks, Function Handlers, and Signature Validators, the wallet provider ensures seamless composability for decentralized applications (dApps) and associated tools.

Moreover, the protocol places a strong emphasis on vendor neutrality, fostering interoperability and account portability. This approach champions user freedom of choice and enables service providers to operate without constraints.

A pivotal component of the protocol is its focus on security. This is achieved through the introduction of Registries, which effectively mitigate risks associated with smart contracts, bolstering the security framework of the protocol.

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