Gauntlet Worried After Curve Hack, Wants To Freeze CRV On Aave V2


Gauntlet Worried After Curve Hack, Wants To Freeze CRV On Aave V2

Scheduled to conclude on August 18, this proposal, reinitiated by DeFi risk manager Gauntlet, seeks to curb the escalating concentration risk associated with the continuous addition of CRV within the V2 market.

The decision to freeze CRV stems from concerns echoing past instances, including the November 2022 proposal and subsequent ones in June and August. The spotlight remains on the address starting with 0x7a16, which corresponds to Curve founder Michael Egorov (Michwill).

Gauntlet’s steadfast rationale for the CRV freeze echoes its earlier standpoints, standing resolute in preventing concentration risks.

In a statement, Gauntlet articulated:

“Our recommendation to freeze CRV collateral on Aave v2 resonates with our unaltered convictions against mounting CRV additions and the associated concentration risks.”

The announcement coincides with the DeFi turmoil that ensued on July 30, stemming from reentrancy attacks exploiting vulnerabilities in various Vyper iterations—an Ethereum virtual machine (EVM)-designed smart contract language.

Amid the turmoil, Curve Finance valiantly recovered 70% of the $62 million pilfered from its liquidity pools during the reentrancy hack. The protocol vowed to compensate users adversely impacted by the event.

In a subsequent revelation, Curve disclosed that its arbitral-tri crypto pool bore the same vulnerability exploited in the July incident. Yet, the platform assured its community that this pool is devoid of potential vulnerabilities.

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