Ledger Declares Users are ‘Safe’ to Use Connect Kit, Following Malicious Attack


Ledger Declares Users are ‘Safe’ to Use Connect Kit, Following Malicious Attack

Ledger has announced to its users in a post on X (formerly Twitter) that is connect kit is safe to use again following a malicious attack resulting in approximately $484,000 in stolen funds.

“Ledger and WalletConnect can confirm that the malicious code was deactivated,” the post declares.

Blockchain Analysis Firm Confirms Malicious Attack Against Ledger

According to Lookonchain, Ledger experienced a malicious attack resulting in approximately $484,000 in crypto assets stolen. The post stated:

“Ledger Exploiter transferred 4.334 $ETH to #AngelDrainer. And the #AngelDrainer is also receiving assets currently and holds $363K assets.”

Ledger consistently kept its 610,900 followers informed about the compromise until the company affirmed that the product is secure for use once more.

“You are now safe to use your Ledger Connect Kit. Reminder that that we always encourage clear signing.”

The development team assures users that they will soon distribute the authentic version, alleviating concerns within the community.

Ledger Says it Will Provide Further Information on Compromise Soon

According to Ledger, a comprehensive report on the incident is underway. Ledger will promptly share this information to illuminate the nature and scope of the threat.

In the interim, Ledger advises users to strongly prioritize the security of their transactions. Ledger urges the community to consistently clear sign transactions as a fundamental practice.

“In the meantime, we’d like to remind the community to always Clear Sign your transactions.”

Furthermore, explaining that it is crucial to bear in mind that the information displayed on the Ledger screen, including addresses, remains the sole authentic data.

Ledger indicates any deviation between the device and the computer or phone screen should raise immediate concerns, and prompt users to halt transactions promptly.


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