Trust Wallet unveils new brand identity in update to improve Web3 accessibility


Trust Wallet unveils new brand identity in update to improve Web3 accessibility

Trust Wallet, a prominent wallet that supports many blockchain networks and enables users to retain control over their digital assets, unveiled a comprehensive rebranding initiative on October 16.

This undertaking encompasses the introduction of a fresh logo, a modernized application design, and an enhanced user experience, as per the latest information shared with Finbold.

The actions performed by Trust Wallet question serve to accentuate its fundamental ability to empower individuals, namely by instilling a sense of self-reliance and confidence.

Through its brand development, Trust Wallet seeks to enhance the accessibility of Web3 technology to the general public by offering a platform that effectively integrates a user-friendly interface with powerful features.

Trust Wallets biggest upgrade since 2017 inception

Trust Wallet CEO, Eowyn Chen, noted:

“This upgrade represents a pivotal milestone since our 2017 inception, marking the inaugural leap in our long-term strategy of empowering users’ financial freedom, with a series of upcoming updates.”

He added:

“Trust Wallet has evolved to become more than just a wallet—it’s now a trustworthy gateway to the Web3 world. By offering user-centric products and services, we’re equipping people with the essential tools and technology to confidently explore what Web3 has to offer, ultimately granting them the financial autonomy they deserve.”

Trust Wallet unveils new brand identity in update to improve Web3 accessibility

Trust Wallet’s design

The new Trust Wallet design has a fresh color scheme of Trust Blue and Trust Green. Both may be used in either bright or dim lighting, making them suitable for those with a wide range of vision impairments.

Beyond its new and improved look, it also boasts improved navigation that makes it easier to use the app’s many useful functions, such as wallet-switching and finding new tokens, and a striking new shield logo that conveys an air of total security.

Built on an intuitive graphical user interface, Trust Wallet allows users to purchase, store, earn, and trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as handle other types of digital assets such as NFTs.

Trust Wallet also facilitates a variety of activities, such as staking and cross-chain swaps, and supports about one hundred different blockchains. In addition to supporting 16 languages spoken on every continent, Trust Wallet has had over 70 million downloads throughout the world.


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