Layer 2 Metis Take Back Control Of Their Official X (Twitter) Account


Layer 2 Metis Take Back Control Of Their Official X (Twitter) Account

In today’s announcement, Metis said it has regained control of its X account and has taken appropriate security measures. This is a Sim Swap attack targeting key industry members.

We’re relieved to inform the community that we’ve regained control of the Metis X account, and have taken the appropriate security measures.

In order to confirm the reliability of this information, please verify the announcement made by @MetisDAOfdn, as well as those made in our…

— Metis🌿 (@MetisDAO) August 16, 2023

Unfortunately, one of the team members fell victim to this coordinated operation, which resulted in the bad guy being able to take over the account in about 30 hours.

Yesterday, Metis used the company’s prominent X (formerly Twitter) account as the launchpad for a phishing campaign. However, soon the situation came to light when one of the key executives, Elena Sinelnikova, revealed that the platform’s security had been breached.

This resulted in the dissemination of phishing links to over 150,000 followers. However, no damage has been reported yet. Sinelnikova expressed urgency, asserting that X needs to suspend the compromised account until the team restores control quickly.

Metis is a Layer 2 that allows users to participate in Defi with low cost and extensive functionality. The protocol provides full support for use cases such as farming yield, DEX trading and powers the Gig economy through dApps that offer fast and cheap micropayments.

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