KyberSwap hacker moves $338k into Tornado Cash


KyberSwap hacker moves $338k into Tornado Cash

The KyberSwap hacker is moving funds into Tornado Cash, according to data from CertiK.

The KyberSwap hack saw the defi market maker lose $48.8 million in November. Earlier last week, the hacker sent $338,000 worth of BNB tokens to an externally owned account on the Polygon network. Today, those funds have been moved to decentralized cryptocurrency tumbler Tornado Cash.

#CertiKSkynetAlert 🚨

We have seen 1473.5 BNB (~$338k) deposited into @TornadoCash from EOA 0x76dD.

The EOA received funds from KyberSwap exploiter wallet 0xE660 on Polygon.

KyberSwap were exploited for ~$45m on 22 Nov.

— CertiK Alert (@CertiKAlert) December 5, 2023

The KyberSwap hack has been one of the most surprising exploits of the year, not because of the amount of funds compromised, but rather because of the unusual demands of the hacker. Known by the pseudo name @Kyber_Director, the hacker demanded full control of the company in exchange for returning the funds.

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In response, Kyber Network said that the company was committed to supporting the law enforcement authorities in tracking down the hacker and recovering the fund. The firm has also promised to compensate affected users from its treasury.

In relation to the KyberSwap Elastic incident that transpired from 22 November 2023, 10:54:09 PM UTC, resulting in the exploitative swaps by the exploiter that drained approximately $48.8 million of users’ funds from KyberSwap Elastic liquidity pools, we reiterate our unwavering…

— Kyber Network (@KyberNetwork) December 1, 2023

Tornado Cash has also been under significant scrutiny in recent months. The mixer has allegedly been a hot medium for moving illicit funds from hackers and terrorists. The network’s native token, TRON was delisted by Binance recently, following the exchange’s settlement with the DOJ. The delisting caused TRON’s price to crash by nearly 45% in a day. In the past two weeks, TRON’s price has declined by over 55% despite a market rally across the industry.


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