KyberSwap hacker demands complete control over Kyber company


KyberSwap hacker demands complete control over Kyber company

The hacker behind the $46 million KyberSwap exploit has finally released their conditions for the return of the stolen funds, which includes “complete executive control” over the Kyber company.

On Nov. 30, the KyberSwap hacker sent an on-chain message addressing all relevant and interested parties. The hacker laid out demands, including control over the company, temporary full authority and ownership of its governance mechanism, the KyberDAO, all documents related to the company and all of the Kyber company assets.

KyberSwap hacker demands complete control over Kyber company

Excerpt of the hacker’s message to the KyberSwap team. Source: Etherscan

In exchange, the hacker promised to buy out the company’s executives at a fair valuation and “wished well” in their “future endeavors.” The hacker also promised to double the employees’ salaries under the new regime. They wrote that while some may not want to stay, they will still be given a 12-month severance with full benefits and assistance in finding new careers.

Apart from this, the hacker also said that token holders and investors will also benefit from the transition by having their tokens “no longer be worthless.” They wrote:

“Is this not sweet enough? I’ll go further still. Under my management, Kyber will undergo a complete makeover. It will no longer be the 7th most popular DEX, but rather, an entirely new cryptographic project.”

As for liquidity providers, the hacker promised they would be gifted rebates for their recent market-making activity. The rebate will be 50% of the losses that they have incurred. “I know this is probably less than what you wanted. However, it is also more than you deserve,” the hacker wrote.

The hacker explained that this was their best and only offer. According to the exploiter, the Kyber team should meet the demands by Dec. 10. If not, the “treaty falls through.” The hacker also threatened that the treaty would also be void if any agents contacted them concerning the trades they placed on Kyber.


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