Bitcoin Fight in Bursa!


Bitcoin Fight in Bursa!

According to IHA news, a person living in Bursa’s İnegöl district beat his friend who reset his money in Bitcoin.

Accordingly, the incident took place in Sinanbey District of Bursa’s İnegöl district. 46-year-old person named Zafer K. Hasan Ş. He gave his friend named 80 thousand TL to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Hasan Ş. (28) used his friend Zafer K’s money by buying Bitcoin (BTC).

However, after a short time, the money disappeared. Zafer K. asked his friend Hasan Ş for his money back, but Hasan Ş. When I told him that the money had been reset, Zafer K. got very angry.

Unable to control his anger, Zafer K. started beating Hasan Ş. with the piece of iron in his hand.

Kaçan Hasan Ş. To escape from Zafer K, he took refuge in the military recruitment office.

Hasan Ş. and Zafer K. were taken to the nearest police station by police teams to take their statements after the incident.

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