Fake beta-testing apps enlisted to rob cryptocurrency, FBI reports


Fake beta-testing apps enlisted to rob cryptocurrency, FBI reports

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warned that fraudulent beta-testing applications were masquerading as genuine cryptocurrency investment platforms to steal funds from unsuspecting victims, according to an Aug. 15 notice.

The law enforcement agency revealed that cybercriminals engaged victims through dating and networking apps. These malicious actors persuaded individuals to download harmful beta-testing apps, disguising them as tools like cryptocurrency exchange platforms, thereby facilitating theft.

FBI continued that these victims usually input their legitimate account information into the application and unwittingly send money they believe would be invested in cryptocurrency to the scammers.

According to the FBI, the malicious codes in these applications allow criminals to steal personal information, access the victim’s financial account, or even take complete control of the device.

The agency noted that the criminals could include these malicious codes in their applications because beta testing was not subject to the review process by mobile operating systems.

The warning comes amidst the waves of recent complaints from some crypto users who said they lost their assets after downloading malware disguised as a play-to-earn game.

Blockchain analytical firm CertiK recommended that crypto users “should verify publishers, read reviews, and watch for odd permissions or malware signs.”

Job listing scams

Meanwhile, the FBI warning is coming a few days after ZachXBT uncovered a scam job posting by Eco Land on a crypto job board website, cryptojob.com.

Pau Bonnet, a job applicant, detailed how he lost all crypto assets in his hot wallet after applying for a job through Eco Land. Another user Leandro Henflen also said that his antivirus saved him from installing malicious software from Ecotechland on his computer after they offered him to try a game through the job listing.

Earlier in the year, NFT_Dreww pointed out several elaborate social engineering job scams on Cryptojobs.

Last year, CryptoSlate reported how North Koreans were impersonating experts using fake resumes and identities to steal insider access to crypto jobs.


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