An Arrest Warrant Has Been Issued Against Famous Model Ebru Şallı’s Wife for Cryptocurrency Fraud!


An Arrest Warrant Has Been Issued Against Famous Model Ebru Şallı's Wife for Cryptocurrency Fraud!

According to the news, an arrest warrant has been issued for famous model Ebru Şallı’s husband and businessman Uğur Akkuş.

At this point, an arrest warrant was issued for businessman Uğur Akkuş, who was tried for “qualified fraud” for allegedly defrauding two people of 500 thousand dollars with the promise of cryptocurrency trading.

The hearing held at the Istanbul High Criminal Court was attended by the three defendants, Abdullah Alkreish, Feyza Betül Köksal and Ercan Eşkin, except Uğur Akkuş, and their lawyers and complainant Ömer A.

Uğur Akkuş’s lawyer, Büşra Çilingir, said that they could not easily reach her client and stated that she would come at the next hearing.

Lawyer Büşra Çilingir, who argued that the financial damage caused by the incident was repaired, claimed that the defendants and the complainants had reached an agreement.

The public prosecutor requested an order to take the defense of the defendant Uğur Akkuş, who did not attend the hearing.

Announcing its interim decision, the court issued an arrest warrant for the defendant Uğur Akkuş.


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