3 Pendle Pools Affected By Balancer’s Emergency Measures, Money Is Safe


3 Pendle Pools Affected By Balancer’s Emergency Measures, Money Is Safe

The 3 Pendle pools, including ETHx-bbaWETH, swETH-bbaWETH, and swETH-bbaWETH (old) and others, will not be affected. Funds in the affected pools are safe, but the swaps in the Base Balance pool have been disabled. This means there will be no additional fees or benefits. However, owners are still advised to withdraw to the base LP assets as recommended by Balancer.

⚠️PSA: 3 Pendle pools are impacted by the Balancer emergency measures.

1. ETHx-bbaWETH
2. swETH-bbaWETH
3. swETH-bbaWETH [Old]

All other pools are unaffected.

Funds in the impacted pools are safe but swaps in the underlying Balancer pools have been disabled, which means no… https://t.co/45WogcX25c pic.twitter.com/5qHwnT6gbz

— Pendle (@pendle_fi) August 22, 2023

As per previous information, Balancer Labs has received reports of a critical vulnerability affecting several teams. The vulnerability report prompted immediate emergency measures. The most money on Balancer is safe. Only 1.4% of total TVLs are at risk, and only enhanced groups are affected. Some groups are paused to reduce risk.

Emergency SubDAO has initialized proportional exit options for all affected pods in response to this situation. Additionally, groups that are still on hiatus have been temporarily suspended as a precautionary measure.

Balancer has provided a personalized page on the user interface to determine if a connected wallet is an LP in any affected pool and a streamlined process to guide you through withdrawals.

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