1.9 Million Dollar Cryptocurrency Heist in Ankara!


1.9 Million Dollar Cryptocurrency Heist in Ankara!

The increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies has motivated many criminals. In Turkey, as in many countries around the world, criminals take advantage of the popularity of cryptocurrencies and steal people’s money.

At this point, the latest news came from Ankara.

A businessman living in Ankara realized that his cryptocurrency wallet had been compromised and immediately contacted the crypto exchange on which he was trading.

The exchange, collaborating with the businessman from Ankara, saved cryptocurrency assets worth $1.9 million.

Accordingly, a businessman who owns an e-commerce company in Ankara made a commercial sales contract with a company based abroad, based on cryptocurrency, upon the request of the other party.

When the businessman checked his accounts after a while, he noticed that the other party company had not made payments.

The businessman who contacted the other party was shocked by the response he received. When the company stated that they had paid the man and sent the relevant receipts, the businessman realized that his cryptocurrency wallet account worth $ 1.9 million had been seized.

The person and his lawyer immediately pursued this issue and discovered that the fraudsters created a fake interface by imitating the cryptocurrency exchange and enabled the businessman to make transactions through this page.

Making a statement on the subject, the lawyer said, “The fraudsters we contacted, who thought they could not be reached, demanded reconciliation and returned the client’s money because they understood that the penalty for this crime was high in international law.” said.

Finally, the lawyer pointed out that cryptocurrency fraud cases have increased recently and added that fraudsters have started to use unique methods.

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