Will Play-To-Earn Games Completely Replace Traditional Gaming? 


Will Play-To-Earn Games Completely Replace Traditional Gaming? 

Games, be it physical or digital, have always been part of our life since childhood. The gaming industry is an industry that is a hub of innovation. It didn’t also take too long to leverage the booming blockchain technology. Play-to-earn games are the new generation of gaming.

While play-to-earn hasn’t replaced traditional gaming equipment such as powerful gaming desktops such as Ninetendo and SEGA, today, everyone is keen to make money with P-2-E games. Yes, now anyone can earn money by playing games like Axie Infinity and Sandbox. 

Contrary to many people believe, gaming is not new on the blockchain. In fact, after DeFi exchanges and NFT marketplaces, it is the second most popular decentralized app on blockchain platforms. 

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular blockchain-based games. In the game, players buy NFTs of little monsters and pit them against each other in battles. Players are rewarded with SLP tokens that they can later trade against fiat money at an exchange. 

Many developers in the crypto space are innovating games by letting in-game assets such as avatars and equipment be moved within a universe or even from blockchain to blockchain. On the other hand, other developers are innovating by paying gamers who play their games.  

Traditional gaming doesn’t support any kind of exchange or in-game economy for players, the major publishers or developers earn money selling their games while players just play. 

While in crypto’s play-to-earn model, games are given a chance to earn for themselves. 

What Do You Earn In Play-to-Earn Games?

The next big question, however, arises, what do you earn? Do you earn fiat currencies? Let’s find out: 

Through P2E games, you either earn gaming tokens or in-game NFTs. 

Gaming tokens are limited in supply, and every token holds the same value, pretty much like Bitcoin and Ethereum. These tokens can be later sold on crypto exchanges. 

While game NFTs are unique assets, each minted NFT is a limited edition. 

For instance, gamers in Vietnam earn gaming tokens and NFTs and later get them converted into national currency. Thus, players around the world are becoming millionaires by playing P2E games. 

The traditional gaming world hasn’t yet introduced any such methods where they are paying people. Crypto enthusiasts and developers are taking advantage of this conventional gaming drawback geniuses and disrupting the giants in traditional gaming. 

Can Anyone Play P2E Games? 

It is, however, important to note that play-to-earn games need a prior investment, especially for popular games like Axie Infinity. Before you start playing and earning, you would have to set up a wallet and cryptocurrency. 


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