ZachXBT alleges Bitboy $4k indicator is a scam


ZachXBT alleges Bitboy $4k indicator is a scam

Anonymous blockchain sleuth ZachXBT calls out Bitboy, a crypto influencer and content creator, for selling a $3,999 indicator and paid group called ‘High IQ’ in an Oct. 27 post on X.

The alleged group claimed to provide users with a leading indicator and a “proven strategy.”

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True profitability

In his post, ZachXBT suggests that if this offering was truly profitable, then Bitboy would not need to ask for donations. Rather, he could use the alleged indicator to make money for himself.

It seems Bitboy started selling a $4K indicator and paid group called ‘High IQ’

He claims it is “a leading indicator with a proven strategy”

If it was truly this profitable then why not make money from it yourself instead of just asking for donations while claiming to have…

— ZachXBT (@zachxbt) October 27, 2023

This sparked several comments from the community, including one post from the founder and CEO of Delegate, who garnered 11.5K views for replying, “I don’t say this often, but how is he not in jail yet.”

Another user calls out the influencer with a screenshot highlighting that the influencer is asking users to lie about their payment information by using a VPN.

An outraged community

This is not the first time Ben Armstrong has gone under fire. A little more than a month ago, the influencer received backlash for tweeting an emotional video on Sept. 19, pleading with the crypto community for donations after the financial strain he has been enduring due to the ongoing legal dispute with Hit Network.

Armstrong received $59K in donations, with many in the community found it outraging that this was the result.


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