XRP Community Alerted to This Scam Method: Details


XRP Community Alerted to This Scam Method: Details

The XRP community has been given a heads-up, which would ensure the safety of their crypto assets. This is due to an increase in the number of bad actors and scammers attempting to steal funds in any way possible.

Evernode, a layer-2 platform atop XRP Ledger, earlier announced an airdrop for XRP holders.

On Sept. 1, the airdrop snapshot was taken, and eligible XRP holders were determined. In November, Evernode revealed the details of the airdrop registration, which it describes as the initial step toward claiming the airdrop, while sharing an Evers issuing address.

As previously reported, the registration process, which involved users importing or cloning their XRPL r-address into Xahau and setting a trustline for the Evers issuing address, has been concluded.

Given this backdrop, scammers seek to take advantage of the above information to defraud unsuspecting users. There is now a proliferation of scammers claiming to be “Evernode support” on X, claiming to want to help XRP holders with the process of the airdrop.

In this regard, Scott Chamberlain, cofounder of Evernode, called out one such scam on X, claiming to be “Evernode Support.” Chamberlain adds that there is no such thing as “Evernode customer support” on X.

This is a scam

There is no Evernode Customer Support. https://t.co/Oheraognd2

— Scott Chamberlain | 🏴‍☠️ 🪝 (@scotty2ten) December 15, 2023

Evernode earlier noted an abundance of scammers trying to steal people’s tokens through fake airdrop support and fraudulent trust lines. It was also said that no XRP would need to be burned or moved to claim the Evers airdrop.

In addition, anybody posing as Evernode’s “Help Desk,” “Customer Support” or “Dev Team” is a scammer trying to steal coins. Also in this light, anybody asking users to move XRP, share keys, join Telegram or Discord, or send a DM for details might be a scammer.

Evernode has set Dec. 18 as the anticipated launch date for the Evers airdrop, when it will deposit 5,160,960 Evers into the Airdrop Hook.

The Evers airdrop would be issued to Xahau r-addresses in proportion to the share of qualifying XRP held in each matching XRPL r-address as of the Sept. 1 snapshot.


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